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Anyone have tips for this?
I just built a new computer, super duper powerful.
Windows 10, when i move windows or resize them, the windows take so long (1-2s) to catch up to the mouse.  It's crazy.  Performance is fine, none of the gpu, cpu, ram ever goes past 10%, it is an overpowered computer.

Looking online, the problem seems to be high polling rate of USB mice.  I have a logitech g502, which is a gaming mouse, and can poll at up to 5000hz.  so they say lower it to 125.  fine, that helps a little, but not entirely.  What the hell?

Have not found other solutions.  Many people are complaining specifically about Excel, which is the worst, but i get it for all windows.  Some windows are faster than others, like Electron app windows, but still laggy.  At work, where i have a cheap computer and laptop, the response is perfect!  (except for excel).  I don't understand at all.

I can post a gif or video if it helps.

General Software Discussion / What's the future of OneNote?
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:13 AM »
I didn't want to ruin Iainb's nice onenote thread for this, so im starting this thread...

What's the deal?  I was so annoyed to find out Onenote 2019 doesn't exist and they've replaced it with the eponymous "Onenote" that is not even a regular download, only a store download?  But even beyond that, they have completely revamped the interface.  Nothing wrong with it really, even some things are nice.  It is quite different than the previous versions.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM is that it seems to not be able to open, import, export etc the previous notebooks the same way.  I didn't experiment fully since I immediately ran to Onenote 2016 to make sure all my notes were safe.  But it seems to demand you to sign into your MS account to work, and probably all your notes need to be synced or at least available for syncing.  Very annoying.

There would be no problem if they didnt mess with the Open, Import, Export options.  but they did of course. 

So what does this mean?  If this is the end of locally stored onenote files, then it's time i once again move to another program.  Like Rightnote, which i already used pretty heavily until IAINB DEMANDED I USE ONENOTE!!!


if rightnote could somehow mimic the whiteboard aspect of onenote, that would be great.

Living Room / Happy 2017, respect to DC friends.
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:22 PM »
beni bidi beechee.

As usual, I'd be willing to pay for this.  Here is the request...

Whatever MS did in it's latest updates, they have removed some option to disable completely the automatic popup of the screen keyboard (OSK).  This is very annoying to me.  I need someone to make a button that i can toggle on/off so that the OSK NEVER pops up. 

the reason why is because I use a third party bluetooth keyboard instead of the one that MS sells with the tablet (this is the Surface Pro, not the Surface RT...meaning it is running full WIndows desktop).  Before the updates, I just disabled the OSK compeltely, and put a button on my taskbar to toggle it on or off.  So, if I needed it I would trigger it manually.  MS decided it's best that the OS automatically decides when the keyboard pops up, and somewhere along the line removed this manual control that I like.  I can still turn the OSK on/off manually, but now if I put the cursor on a text field on a website, the OSK will popup, even though I'm using a bluetooth keyboard already.  SO it's annoying, I always have to close it to type.  There is not solution for this anywhere on the web that I can find.  The closest I have come is to disable the OSK completely, but then I can't bring it up manually either.  SO I need a button that turns on/off or emulates the presence of the MS official Surface Pro keyboard so it thinks the keyboard is there so that it won't popup the OSK. 

This is just my idea of the best way to do this (the emulation, that is).  I'm assuming there's no other way to program it because if there was, someone would have done it by now.  But maybe I'm wrong on that. 

MS wants the tablet to function like a smartphone...where whenever you tap on a text field, the kyboard pops up automatically.  it would be very annoying on a smartphone for it to be manual.  But on a hybrid device like the surface pro, it's a different scenario.  Also, because it's a full Windows device, you can use all sorts of accessories as far as keyboards, mice, input devices this kind of automatic stuff needs an additional level of manual control for those oddball scenarios like mine (it's not that odd, btw). 


OK, I had this idea thread earlier:

Now I've switch to J River for my music player.  As good of a product that it is, it also doesn't make modifying shortcuts easy.  With an xml file, you can change stuff.  My idea is to provide a gui for changing these commands, as well as backing up and exporting/importing the commands. 

The details of the configuration are here:

I'm willing to pay/donate for this gui.

foobar actually has a good sample of a gui for this.  (They just don't have a way to save or import/export the commands).  I like the ability to set the hotkey for global vs. while in the application.  Below is a screenshot of it:
Screenshot - 11_11_2015 , 1_30_10 PM.png

something like that, plus saving/importing/exporting customized sets would be perfect.

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