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Screenshot Captor / Re: Some thumbnails only show an icon
« on: April 10, 2021, 03:26 PM »
You could try the "nuclear option" and rebuild the thumbnail cache, that might clear out something - instructions here.

Yeah Windows managing paging is a terrible idea. So many many times I look at a server and the recommended page file size is say 8200mb, but directly underneath that is a note that it's currently using 4140mb.

It looks like you have lots of stuff in Downloads. It's perfectly fine to save things there if you want, however you don't want to clog up your C: drive.

Right click on Downloads and go to Properties and click the Location tab. Use the Move button to change the place where Downloads points:


If you're going to save videos in Downloads, best to move it away from C: if you can.

^ What 4wd said - Wiztree. First pane shows where the space is being used. Second pane is top 1000 largest files. Between the two of them you'll get a better picture of what's used where.

Maybe that should get you to make a NANY 2022 area?  

Yea... New Area for the Next Year!

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