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I have overcome the problem by downloading to my laptop, installing, then copying the complete program and installing onto my desktop.  Now works fine, in my opinion, not as good as Mendeley


XP pro, all updates installed.

I have tried to install Qiqqa several times, each time I receive error SP2 is reqd, this is already installed plus sp3.  I first wrote to qiqqa about a year ago, their answer we are aware of this problem and it is being addressed.  After reading the above I thought I would give it another try, same problem, it will not install.   
Any ideas how I may overcome this? 

I went to zuploader site and saw this message.

"Active development has been ceased for ZScreen and ZUploader in favour of ShareX and ShareXmod, which are built on the solid foundation of ZUploader."

Have I searched for the incorrect software.
Thank you

Thank you for your reply.   I have contacted qiqqa and a no reply email has said that they are busy and will try to answer my question asap.

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