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Hi wr975 and Skrommel,

thank you both for your great little programs. I was (still am a bit) ill -- so the longer delay in answering. I test both programs. I think wr975's solution is still sometimes generating wrong "sonars". I tried to hack both solutions, but none of my hacks was better in the end. Currently I'm using Skrommels solution, but will come back later to try to improve upon one of your solutions.

Thanks alot for your help!

Just came home from work and found your post :)

Anway, here's a quick and dirty Autohotkey Script using the freeware utility Sonar5.exe found at See attachment for script + Sonar5.exe.

Thank you very much for the time to program the "Auto-Sonar" script. This basically works :-) It has some drawbacks -- for example pressing Win-key after the idleTime will also activate Sonar, also scrolling with the mouse will also activate the sonar and block scrolling for the "sonartime". I'll lock into the source to understand it and think/hope I can change it according to my wishes. The working example script will get me going :)

P.S.: Regarding my aim to post this wish. I want the program, and do not neccessarily want to work out a solution by myself. But of course I can not expect someone to write a solution, although I will be glad when someone does. I already tried to write this little program, but failed so far. I'm pretty busy at work and in the short time between with my family and kids, so even if I would like to spend more time on learning to use Autohotkey I'm here mostly interested in a working solution, where it doesn't matter that much to me where the solution comes from. I'm willing to invest my own time, but unfortunatelly time is limited and even if I would like to do many interesting and good things I can't do them all... :o  So I'm reallly grateful for your help you've given me here, as I have already spent quite some time to figure a solution out by myself :)

On an unrelated note. I've seen you're german speaking. I came up with a script for german keyboard users which is especially interesting if you touch-type ("blind maschineschreiben"). If you're interested you can test it. I came up with a new improved german keyboard layout which only _adds_ chars and functions to the keyboard but does not alter or remove the default ones. Extremly handy to speed up daily work in general and especially when coding or using special chars like []{}\ and so on often. I'm using it for over a year now with great success. I will be writing an article to introduce this keyboard layout, but before submitting the article to a computer magazine I'm looking for beta-testers if the article is good to understand and if the keyboard layout should be modified. My wish is that this keyboard layout is so good and general usable, that it can become some sort of standard as an improved german keyboard layout. Therefore I call it "DeutschlandPlus keyboard layout", because it just _adds_ functions and doesn't change any of the default keys on a german keyboard. So if somebody wants to test it or has an idea where to look for beta-testers I'm open to suggestions.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: "Local Kittenwar" Image Sorter
« on: April 07, 2009, 12:39 PM »
This has always been my dream program, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it myself. So I have around 15 GB of images, mostly JPGs and PNGs, many of them high resolution. I would like to find a good way to sort them by how much I like them. I have looked at Adobe Bridge's and Google Picasa's image rating, but they just allow you to rate a pic with a number of stars, and not in relation to other images.

I would use Adobe Bridge. You can define numbers (aka bins) and then pick the "best" from the 5-star bin. If you're interested in ordering the pics that's also achievable. First sort the pics with Bridge and "stack" the pictures which belong to the same category you want to compare. Then unstack one stack and _manually_ sort the pics in Bridge. You have different views/layouts (one is a light table), so you can choose one view which fits your needs. The manual ordering is stored in the picture folder in a special text file Adobe Bridge creates.

Josh and Phil,

thanks for the posts, but as I explained in my original posting I know both solutions you mentioned, but I'm looking for an automatic solution. Also the windows function will conflict with some autohotkeys I've defined.

I tried to write my own script, but was not successful. I find Autohotkey in some way easy to learn and on the other side there are some places where it's not consistent (%varname% for example).

I haven't tried this, but there's Sonar

Thanks for the pointer. I tried Sonar, but it will show a "sonar" circular or rectangular border around the cursor allways. This is very annoying. A ring showing up, just when "needed" is much better IMO. I have used "MouseLocator" on the Mac for a long time and I find this approach to be very nice -- especially with multi-monitor-setups.

BTW, one workaround would be to buy a Mac, install Parallels and run Windows inside OS X. Then you'll have MouseLocator still active ;)  I have tried this at work already.

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