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Working on big and/or multiple screens one often has to search for the mouse cursor. For OS X there is a nice program called mouseLocater which is extremly helpful.

When you move the mouse the cursor is highlighted by a graphic, so it's much easier to find the current location of the cursor. This feature would be very annoying, when the mouselocator would show up every time you use the mouse. So you can define an "idle time" or "trigger delay". When the mouse was not moved for the specified time the mouselocater shows up, when you move the mouse then.

In addition you can specify how long the mouselocator graphic will show up. I know that there is a Windows feature using Ctrl-key (press and release) to show the mouse cursor. Of course I also know Skrommels MouseMark which is similar in function to the win feature. Both have the disadvantage that I must press a hotkey to enable the function. The win feature also conflicts with some autohotkey key combos I defined. So I mimicked the Win function by adapting Skrommels MouseMark to use the Press/Release Ctrl-key. But I'm still not happy with this solution.

I tried to code a similar tool like mouselocator with Autohotkey, but was not successfull so far :(

My dream would be that (similar to mouselocator) the graphic would blend after the specified time. In the Autohotkey script collection Activaid is a function called "VolumeControl" which slowly blends the graphic (in this case of the volume control) into the background -- similar to the OS X graphic if someone has seen this.

A nice touch would be the other option of the "original" MouseLocator program to allow to turn on the graphic always or to have a yellow dot to show clicks. The latter option can be useful when giving talks and demonstrating software. I used this sometimes on the Mac. Allowing to define a hotkey will make the script or program even more useful for this who do not which that the mouselocator shows up automatically.

The one coming up with the solution for this "autolocator" will be my hero :)

Best regards

Unfinished Requests / Re: Monitor Switcher
« on: April 06, 2009, 01:52 PM »
I've got two monitors plugged into my computer but whenever I open a window it always comes up on the monitor to my left. Maybe you could write something which will make one window open on one monitor then the next window on the other monitor then back to the first one then to the second one etc. But I'm guessing that this could be quite impossible as it would mean tampering with my GPU driver (I think)...
If you like/use Autohotkey (or if not) you can also try Activaid which also offers the option to assign a hotkey to move windows to a specific (or the other) monitor. Also nice tools for windows handling (maximize, sticky...) and tons of other great tools.

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