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There seems to be no particular place to post grids, so I decided to start a thread.  We can always post links here to older posts with grids attached.

Anyway, here's a grid I wrote for myself (my screen resolution is 1680 x 1050).  It supplies a main full-height area, to the left or right, with choices for the remainder of the space - either one tall space, two shorter stacked spaces or three very short stacked spaces. 

I use it when when I am working in one window but keeping an eye on one or more others.

I labeled the numbers to creae a "guided tour"; if you follow them in sequence you can see how the triggers relate to the grid shapes (from larger windows to smallest).

any chance of a small screenshot or diagram that clearly shows what the grid looks like - please. it will help everyone before downloading the grid(s).

OK, here's the three arrangements with the main section to the left, and then a shot of the triggers.

And here are links to other grids in the original feature request thread. 

unnamed for Martin T
3-part reversed
edge vertical split
nud super 01 (second version)
An Efficient Desktop

ah, good idea to link to the other grids. and it does make a lot of difference to see the grid layouts - thanks for the images.


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