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GridMove: Grids Here

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This is a fantastic idea, suleika!
And thanks a lot for collecting the grids from the other giant thread :)

Here is my custom grid display featuring:
; 3 head display
; multiple [possibly overlapping] corner targets
; multiple horizontal targets
; multiple vertical targets
; all on each display

I tend to use it without numbers showing, because corner targets overlap.
There are quite a few targets (114), but it could be pared down a bit.

eric: that's unbelievable.
Probably, it's THE most complex grid ever done for gridmove.
I haven't tried it with my 2 screens, but i definitelly will!

I somehow am finding a lot of numbers overlapping each other on those middle areas. Is it supposed to be like this, or did i screw up something on the latest GridMove build?

darn, and i was hoping i'd done the most complicated with the nud super grid 01 - which i didn't use anyway after about 5 minutes.

i do like what eric has done though be using a graphical way of representing how the windows will resize. not so sure about the corner resize zones being that practical.

yes, nudone... I've come to the conclusion that making a good grid isn't easy.
I had previously thought about doing something like eric did, but everytime i tried i just gave up half way or it just turned out pretty bad.
I like the way earl did it, because it makes it easy to understand which part does what, but it has a tremendous problem as i see it: some targets are too small, and kind of defeats the purpouse of being fast to resize windows. It does support a LOAD of different sizes thought, which is definitelly useful.


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