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DONE: Move to Parent

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Move to Parent, a coding snack based on a request by nkormanik.

the context-menu item has been added but still only files are processed. use the older version to uninstall existing context-menu or shortcut.

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Sorry for initially posting to the wrong thread.  For those just picking up, here was the request:

Quote from: nkormanik on September 25, 2010, 01:23:05 AM

Small program request:

Context menu item in Windows Explorer.

shortened name: "Move To Parent"

long name:  "Move Selected Items To Parent Directory"

In the old DOS days, it was easy to type in "move xyz.txt ..", or "move *.jpg .."

In Windows there is nothing similar.  And searching through Google turned up no simple program to accomplish this.

Can any of the gurus here do it?

Nicholas Kormanik

You can add an item to the Folder Context menu thru the Folder Options dialog, File Types tab.

Find the Folder file type, click Advanced, and you'll see a button to add a New item.  Name it (eg MoveToParent) and have it call your short batch file (move "%1" ..), which you already wrote and named (eg moveparent.bat).

A word of caution.  The Folder (and File Folder) file types act a bit differently than other file types in the File Options dialogs.  For example, to delete a Context Menu entry for the Folder file type, you have to delete the registry key you created in the above process (easy to do).  For other file types (.txt, .doc, .xls, etc) the "Remove" key is not greyed out in the File Types Advanced dialog box the way it is for Folder and File Folder (hence the need to remove a menu item through the registry for Folders).

Sorry, none of what I said was wrong, but it answered the wrong question and was incorrect for what you need.  You'd want to modify the context menu for files, not folders, so the %1 parameter would point to the proper file.  This can be done, but not thru the File Types dialogs I don't think. 

Check out


This is where you can add context menu items to all files.  I've added three over the years.  Two of them call batch files (one to reset the selected files' attribute bit, one to create a backup of the selected files) and one calls an .exe file which copies the selected file's full path to the clipboard.

Each menu entry is a key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\Shell which includes the menu name and the executable file to call.

@nkormanik: new version added in the 1st post, pls try this version. again do some tests with sample files first before committing important files. :)


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