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DcUpdater - Universal Software Updater

Version 1.32.01 - May 9, 2017

For Microsoft Windows XP/NT/2000/9x/ME/Win7/Win8.







DcUpdater is a program for Microsoft Windows (95% of the code is cross platform and may be ported to linux/mac), that can check for and install updates for software.


Features for Users:

Nothing happens behind your back, and you can see exactly what files are being retrieved from where, including access to a complete activity log.
Full control over checking and installing - you can do all installation manually if you prefer, or let the program do it.
One program to check for updates for lots of software.
Easily visit program websites, and get more information about each program.


Features for Developers:

Very easy to add updater support in your program -- just create two tiny text(xml) files, one included with your download, and one uploaded to your server.
Extremely minimal bandwidth used during update checking.