Using the Item Definition Editor

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The Item Definition Editor is engaged from the main menu.


It will let you edit existing Item Definition files or create new ones.


Remember that the location you place the Item Definition files is important:

Point Motivator will automatically scan the ItemDefs\ and UserItemDefs\ directories and load all files it finds.  So if you save multiple copies of your files in these directories you will end up with duplicate entries in the main window.
Put your own custom files in the UserItemDefs\ subdirectory.
Reserve the ItemDefs\ subdirectory for 3rd party and official files that may be automatically updated.




Some hints for using the Item Definition Editor:

No changes are made to the actual file you are editing until you say so.
You can switch items between being Activities and Rewards.
You can change the location in the tree of an item by changing/setting its Category Path.  Hit the refresh button to move the item after you change its path (empty categories will be cleaned up and removed on reload of the file).


Remember -- if you make a good Item Definition file, share it with us on the forums!