Item Definition Overview

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Item Definitions describe the activities and rewards shown in Point Motivator.


These definitions are contained in multiple files in the program's ItemDefs\ subdirectory and user's UserItemDefs\ subdirectory.


Even though the definitions are spread throughout multiple files, they are all merged together inside the programs when they are presented to you.


It is expected that most of these Item Definition files will *not* be modified by you, the user.  They are predefined items that you will either use or uninstall (by deleting or moving the item definition files).


Point Motivator does provide a way to edit your own Item Definition files in the UserItemDefs\ subdirectory, so that you can create your own custom item definitions.


To engage the Item Definition Editor, select it from the main Item Definition menu.


These files are in standard .xml format, so you can also edit these files manually in any text editor if you prefer.