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LaunchBar Commander

v1.157.01 - Dec 30, 2019


Requires: Microsoft Windows XP/NT/2000/9x/ME/7/10



LaunchBar Commander is what is commonly referred to as an "Application Launcher"; it is typically docked to the side of your screen and lets you configure buttons and menus which will launch your favorites programs.







Create as many "docks" as you want; each dock can also be minimized to the system tray to be used as a tray menu.
All configurations are stored in portable configuration files - easy to move to different computers, backup, etc.
Easily enable/disable/copy/move items using a sophisticated hierarhical tree configuration gui.
Full drag+drop support - create new items by dragging files or programs onto a launch bar; or drag a document onto an existing button to launch the program with the file dropped.
Lots of customization options, including skins and transparency options; customizable font style and size, labeled headers, etc.
Advanced button and menu types - including switchable Tool Buttons, Batch Buttons, Virtual Links, etc.
Smart shortcut processing (drag+drop and launch shortcuts and urls properly).
Smart icon retrieval - use application icons, standalone .ico files, or even .bmp files.
Advanced hotkey functionality -- configure submenus to pop up under cursor.