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I call onto you developers! What is the best textual search and replace around? I'm working with Topstyle at the moment for my web development, and the program is fantastic but the search / replace functionality is lacking (no replace in multiple files for example). I'm not switching editors though.

So I've been using various programs such as VGrep (result window is not clear enough for me), Windows Grep (crashes on my system - not freeware), ReplaceEm(unweildy interface and by default makes backups of files even if they're not changed) etc. Textcrawler is the best I found so far.

Textcrawler is freeware, has a usable but powerful interface, the results window shows the line and highlighted query inside the file as well as the filelist itself, and allows you to select which files to replace (so you could find all .htm files but only replace the term in certain files). It can also make backups of changed files. It has a few tools for Regexes too.

But it has a splash dialogue on load (guess that's fair).

There is similar functionality in programs like Notepad++ but that requires more clicks, plus even notepad's search and replace dialog is not the most usable either. (and not as good as TextCrawler).

BUT perhaps you use a better program. So I'd be interested to hear what you use and what feature you need that the program provides. Thanks.

This is a great question, and i'm looking forward to hearing about other similar programs.

Wow, fine thread.

I have the need to use such soft every few months only.
So i have to decide every time again what's best for me because i have forgotten my last experiences.

I know and use also

Then i have used
InfoRapid Search & Replace
Agent Ransack

But i have not really *that* experiences.
But  your
looks very promising, thank you for sharing  :Thmbsup:

"Quick test:"Textcrawler 1,7 MB  download contains VB Runtime files also.
The Textcrawler.exe is only 125kB if packet with UPX.
Unpack with UniExtract was enough to use it on XP.

But Textcrawler uses the Registry to store it Settings.  ([HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DigitalVolcano\TextCrawler])
Much more desired would be settings in an INI or XML file to be portable.

Why can't i change the border line between the found-files-window and the found-results-window?
I have two files found only but a many text finds.... but i can't split the GUI as i need.

The Find/Replace and so buttons are a lill bit to big. I would like smaller one leaving more room for the windows.

The main GUI is by default higher then wide.
I can resize them .... but the big button still need much room.
I would like to have smaller buttons and more placed them in the wide (left/right)
with an default GUI in landscape format so i have more room for the found-files and found-text windows.

An non-install ZIP without the VBruntimes with an hint that the runtimes are need would be very nice.

If i have the time i will contact the author of this fine piece of work.

piece, not peace :D

I will test the regex option.

OK, Tested a lill bit:
TextCrawler use Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions library 5.5
- this will usually already be available if you have IE5.5 or above installed.

I was able to search an RegEx over multible line with <script(.|\n)+?</script>

4bit (16 colors) PNG =>22kB only.


I think there is room to improve the GUI? What do you think about my study? I will contact the author about this:
Best search and replace software discussion

I've send my feedback on the program to the developer and pointed them to this thread,  :up:.

Hi justice.  I have been lurking around several posts like this as I am not a developer (though I am trying to learn to be one ;) ).  However, I do my fair share of (X)HTML and CSS and am learning others.  I have found time and again, for a multitude of these types of issues, a good text editor such as TextPad, NotePad++, et. al. are perfect.  They have keyword highlighting, code block insertions and are easy to do search and replace.  If you are trying to do so over several different files, I find a full blown IDE works better.  Refactoring in Eclipse or NetBeans is pretty trivial when working in Java, and Visual Studio can't be beat using any .Net language.  Others I don't know about, but I would guess they would have similar capabilities.


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