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Worst. Interface. Ever.

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In his latest column, mouser talks about how marketing gets in the way of good design. In addition to his thoughts, I'm wondering, What program has the worst user interface you've ever encountered?

its hard to remember them because i usually run (not walk) to the uninstall control panel :)
but i do have to say i have a personal hatred for photoshop interface, even though i know its not the worst i've seen by far.

im not a fan of skinned stuff like winamp - i find it very painful to use.

Well, if we went back to the Windows 3.1 days, there was some awful stuff back then, but I'm talking today. Yea, DivX has some completely alien interfaces too — where's the damn play button!

I listed Gimp/Photoshop in the column, but I'll have to review this. As a class of software, I'd have to say some of the Duplicate File Finder applications are case studies in bad design.

I always found Apple QuickTime appallingly bad, especially considering that Apple are meant to be the masters of 'form & function' UI design.  A flat, grey, confusing and ugly mess.

An Apple representative recently tried to give me QuickTime 7 Pro for free and I declined simply because of the interface.  ;D

i agree quicktime sucks.
in fact count me among the apple haters.

i think the whole debacle with apple mice shows exactly what the company focuses on - appearance over function.


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