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Don't call it "the tray"!

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Perhaps true, but never-the-less, it is correct now due to the massive usage of "system tray".

Let me give some examples...

A "gentleman" is not a nice person. In fact, they're generally real bastards. Oh... But that's only if you use "gentleman" in the original sense that it means "land owner". The meaning changed.

When I was a little boy, my sister was a "slut". "Slut" originally meant "little girl" and had no sexual connotations. The word changed.

Similarly, the way "system tray" is used makes it acceptable. i.e. "System tray" = "taskbar notification area"

From the article:
"But why do you care? That's what everybody calls it now, may as well go with the flow."

How would you like it if everybody started calling you by the wrong name?

Summary: It is never correct to refer to the notification area as the tray. It has always been called the "notification area".
--- End quote ---

Well, really, who cares that much? It's too late to change the world. Everyone uses the wrong phrase. But if everyone calls something by a specific name, then that's what the name is *commonly*.

Whether or not it is correct is besides the point. If you call it by the correct name, will anyone understand what you're saying? I'd rather be understood than be "correct". It makes my life easier and makes the lives of the people I communicate with easier as well.

When I say "blah", I mean that thing over there. If everyone understands that, then there's no need for me to call it anything else. If they don't, then I'd better find out what they call it and use that term.

The article's argument seems very "unixy" in the sense that "A" and "a" are not the same for a file name, but on Windows they are the same. OK, well the unix world is correct. But people understand the Windows way better. Case insensitivity makes sense for most people. Why not just give in and communicate with people in a language that they understand? It would be insane for me to start typing my bad Korean here - nobody would understand, but I'd still be "right".

When I was a little boy, my sister was a "slut". "Slut" originally meant "little girl" and had no sexual connotations. The word changed.
--- End quote ---

! How old are you, Renegade? On the west coast of Canada at no point in the last 50 years (that I am aware of) has calling a guy's little sister a slut been anything other than derogatory, inflammatory, and loaded with sexual connotations!


in totally unrelated anal news:

no anal comments for my OS.
i'll contiue calling the windows thingy systray too, just because (virtually) everyone expects linux to be like windows, i expect windows to be like my beloved linux ;-)
ok, enough jokes for today :D

Raymond Chen has the right to be anal, though...

I'm a big word cop. Personally, I think I'll make an effort to call that thingy by the correct term: the "Taskbar Notification Area" or maybe the TNA for short.

'Course, at the same time, I also use the words Tomorry and Libary. ...I can thank Homer Simpson for those...


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