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After playing around with CHS a little more I found these "features:"
- Bringing up the messagebox to tell how many characters are in a clip also adds a new clip with the window title of the messagebox, messagebox text, some dashes, and "OK."  Actually, I cant do this everytime... and trying to pop up a messagebox with the character count doesnt work for me.  It just brings up a blank messagebox.  Weird.  This may be me.
- Scrolling the clips scrollbox is weird.  My scrollwheel scrolls through individual entries, but the text box doesnt refresh until I click.  Also, scrolling with the mousewheel does not force the the scrollbar to move at all.  I scroll to the top clip in the box, but then I have to manually grab the scrollbar to move it to the next entry.
- OK button on dialog is down a tad far.

- Perhaps you could allow the user to make up "Clip Groups."  You already have History and Favorites, but maybe it would be cool to be able to make one Personal Info, or Email Addresses.  I realize this may not be entirely necessary if you search, but it could still help organize clips.
- Helpfile.  There are so many options!

Overall, I'm impressed though.  With so many options it will definitely allow a wide range of applications. 


scroll wheel is definitely broken - i noticed that myself.  definitely needs fixing.
i know what's causing the messagebox problem, i will fix, plus i will actually change messagebox to a nice alert box, which will solve both problems at one time.

im going to think hard about different clip groups and how to organize.  i'm not 100% happy with the current way of using a dropdown box to select between favorites and history.  seems to me that is kind of inefficient.

maybe the clipmate style 3 panel window is the way to go.. though i thought i woudl try a less cluttered solution.  clipmate is a little busy for me and my thought was to identify the 50% of features of clipmate that people use 95% of the time, and do those better and easier..

kfitting, just to let you know, i have decided to add full support for adding and managing a hierarchy of arbitrary clip groups.
i think i will move to a dockable/customizable user interface, so you could have a view almost identical to the one currently used, or one more like clipmate explorer.  i figure we might as well make it a useful tool for keeping notes and stuff.

i'm still looking for unique suggestions.. isn't there anything we could do that belongs in a clipboard program but that no one has thought of yet?

I think the biggest problem is what you already mentioned: user interface.  Trying to cram the features into something that comes readily to hand is tough!  That's why I like Clipomatic (sorry... you'd think I got a commission!) it stays out of the way and is unobtrusive.  The problem with it is that there is no way to access more features when you want to spend a little more time.  As far as the different groups, a tree view might be the best way to go.  Since you are using a database, could you make the tree based more on filters?  Like the new search features in Longhorn, or the email in Opera M2.  You could specify a rule and all clips meeting those rules would go into the nodes that they fit. 

One caution, and I don't necessarily think you're there yet, but where is the line between clipboard extender and note software?  It's not a clear answer, but as the author you should probably decide.  If you go towards more of a note software, you'll get requests for full text editing etc.  One thing that I would really like to see is a program that helped you gather clips (HTML, RTF, text, etc) and allowed you to put them into another program easily.  That's why I mentioned RTF to HTML conversion.  If you could copy HTML, convert to RTF, then paste it into Keynote (another program [and its successor, Keynote 2] I will tirelessly promote!) in three clicks that would be awesome!  As such, CHS would not be so much a storer of notes, but an intermediary that would allow you to format your notes and easily place them into the program of your choice.  However, any program that allows you to store anything copied to the clipboard will, without a doubt, tread the gray area as a note taking software.  Where it goes depends on your vision for it.

Sorry, I may sound retardly serious, as if the fate of the universe rests on this.  It doesn't!  (thankfully... there is a higher power to take care of this)  But, I can see this program getting pulled in all sorts of directions (sort of like FindRun).  Just something to think about!  Let me say again, CHS is an awesome start... add the Paste 'n Go functionality and I will be happier than... something very happy! 


what do you think about the idea of extending this tool a tiny bit to make it both clipboard helper and also hierarchical notes tool?

it seems to me that with a hierarchy of customizable "clip groups" the program essentially becomes a hierarchical notes tool with clipboard functionality.  i.e. very little needs to be added to make it at least a quick and dirty hierarchical notes tool.



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