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Autographed Paperback copies of Kyrathaba Rising novel available

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The link to e-book purchase locations from my OP states that eBookOnFire and Smashwords are, in that order, my preferred purchase sites. However, for the consumer, right now the best deal is here on PayHip, using the coupon code from this blog article. Be aware that it's EPUB, so if you have a Kindle you'll have to convert it using Calibre or Zamzar or something. You can get more of a discount (25%) simply by sharing the PayHip URL for my book on Facebook or Twitter. After you FB-Share or Tweet, you'll see the price has dropped to $2.24 :)

I'll take one, my friend.  Congratulations.

Thanks, superboyac! That's 3 ppl in less than 30 minutes. Maybe we should say 10 people or until August 13th, whichever comes first. That way, at the latest, we'll be putting an order together and doing PayPal transactions within 7 days.

On the list so far:

* mouser
* rgdot
* superboyac

I'd be interested but after looking up the postage rates on USPS I'm either doing something wrong or it's over twice the price of the book  :-\


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