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Autographed Paperback copies of Kyrathaba Rising novel available

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As far as I know, I'm the first (but I'm willing to bet NOT the last) DC member to write a novel. For anyone who hasn't followed the main thread on this topic, I wrote a 70,000-word science-fiction novel that was released in late July. Thus far, it's garnering 4- and 5-star reviews, and I've made a whopping $23+ in royalties (I haven't quit my day-job: though I have been laid-off for the past six months -- hence, time available to write a novel). I owe much of my success to two wonderful proofreaders, 4wd and Perry Mowbray.

With significant help from the very talented and equally generous Perry Mowbray, I was able to get a properly formatted CreateSpace version of the book, and so can now offer autographed paperbacks of the novel. If you don't care about the autograph, you can order straight from Amazon, in either paperback or e-book format.

If you'd like to have an author-autographed paperback, I'm selling them for $10.80 + shipping/handling (since I'll have to mail the autographed book to any takers). The purpose of this post is to get a head-count of those who definitely want an autographed copy. When I have five or more definites (made definite by PayPal-ing me in advance), I'll have copies printed on demand, and get them shipped.

So, if you really want an autographed copy of this debut novel of what will become a science-fiction trilogy, please respond on this thread. If we meet head-count threshhold, I'll collect payments and enact an order or books.

I'm in.  :up:

Please note here that you have seven different options when it comes to purchasing an e-book copy of the book. As explained on that page, I prefer eBookOnFire or Smashwords, but you shop wherever you please :)

Count me in, paypal in advance ready when you are.

That's two people. Is five a sufficient minimum?


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