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background color degrades some fonts??

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1) Using SSC 3.08.01 in Vista x64.  In screen below (in png format), adding background color when using default Arial font causes missing / "faded" parts of letters.
If default file type is set for jpg, at 96 dpi, the "finished" quality is much worse.  By contrast, in most other editors, viewers (IrfanView) or most any prgm, jpg's at 96 dpi & 90% quality are pretty darn good.  Not so in SSC.

Tried another font, DejaVu Sans, also a TT font.  Background color also affected it some - parts of letters missing.  Not necessarily same letters as Arial.  On darker backgrounds, transparency = 255; all examples are Normal Blend mode.

2) All SSC font sizes selected are no where near the same size, as they'd be in any other app, for same font & size.  In SSC, font sizes are MUCH smaller - even when screen is 100% , or after saving.
In other apps, word processors - 20 pt is big!  In SSC, it looks like 12 or 14.

3) Is there no way to save the default font you'd like to use, instead of Arial?

4) Is it a bug, or are most settings not saved for the type object just entered, after you enter an object / text, then click outside of screen (say, for text boxes or any other custom object settings)?
If I want to make changes to object just entered, after doing anything else & then select that object,  most of custom settings went back to default.

I enter a text box, choose background color, boundary & boundary color other than default, & font different than Arial.  Click outside the screenshot & object is finished.  No longer in Object Selection mode.
Decide I want to enter another text box (or delete one just placed & start over).  If I 1st click on object select to do any other task, that doesn't require changing any previously mentioned settings, then click on text object again, none of the custom settings I just selected are retained.  Is this a bug?  It's a big time waster, continually resetting what I want (95% of time) the text box font, font size, inner color box checked, border box checked & a non default border color selected.

Do I have some incorrect setting(s), is that the way SSC is designed or is this a bug?

If this is a bug - OK.  But if it's designed behavior, please consider adding a setting somewhere to retain the settings chosen for specific objects, or allow saving profiles w/ custom settings, or something.
I don't know how it can be done in SSC (not a problem in other capture prgms), but > 90% of time, every time I add say, a text box, I want the same settings.  I'd seldom change my choice of settings to something else - if they were saved - vs. now, I have to change them every time I start SSC & all during a session.


Can anyone confirm whether adding background color to text boxes causes poor(er) quality for some fonts, such as Arial?

I may have some incorrect setting, but I've not seen this issue in any other capture editor.

If you look at the tip of the S in my screenshot (when I reviewed Screenshot Captor) then something happening yes.

rgdot, yes - I see all the S's in the yellow background area are degraded.

I've noticed some fonts are affected more than others (all True Type, that I compared so far).  Some like Arial - so much that it's not much good for anything except rough work.
I'd like to think that I've got some incorrect setting, because it isn't a problem for other screen capture prgms, so don't know why it would be for SSC, either.

Maybe others that DON'T see this problem, could share their settings - that might be causing problems for me.

I'm pretty sure the font clipping was reported before, with larger font sizes and with italic - but unfortunately I couldn't actually find the report so I dont know what was concluded then, if anything.

BTW I'm not sure that the number/size for fonts in SC is points(?)

this is a png (my default save is as PNG) screenshot taken while in edit mode - but no change when saved.

Settings here are
Font: Calibri Italic DFKai-SB Italic
Size 39
Transparency 200
Blend Mode Multiply


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