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Linux Distro features matrix?

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Everytime I want to dig into Linux, I run into the issue of which distro I want to play around with today.  And to answer that takes a lot of legwork for me.  Is there anything like a features matrix for several of the popular linux distros?  That way, I can look at the different features of each one and figure out which is the one that will be the best for a particular task.


Sorry for the useless post :)

I only know of


It doesn't do a grid comparison (that I know of) but it does list major packages in each distro description.

Perhaps what you're looking for is a features (and apps) list of the major desktop environments, such as KDE, Gnome, Xfce, Unity, etc. What each distribution chooses to include within the respected environment is their choice, but the user is almost always given the option to add as much as they want to their own distro. (And yes, does about the best job of that.)


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