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DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

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My goodness.  Definitely would like the new version, then.

I'm not positive how to send a PM.  Would you briefly say how?

Looks like you'll have to email them to me, no attachments in PMs.

And for future reference, to send a PM:


Will do.  Zero Zipper is now chugging along.


Will send link by PM to one of those file-sharing sites.  Resulting file was too large to send by email.

Using Skwire's Zero Zipper, and letting it keep running while I went to bed: = 206 mb

I recompressed into .rar format, best compression:

ContourPlots.rar = 80 mb

Hope the file helps with whatever you want to attempt.

Thanks - I might have to slow it down a bit, it found 768780 shortcuts in 13.5 seconds - hardly enough time to make a cuppa.

Slightly better than the 62 seconds that v0.3 took.

UPDATE (v0.5) here:

* Scanning for shortcuts is a bit faster, (relies on DOS dir command).
* Saves position of main window and test output window, (will be saved when the respective window is closed).
* Saves state of checkboxes.
* Can interrupt shortcut processing, (not scanning though) - log file will open by default when interrupted.
* Added a statusbar so it looks like it doing something.


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