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Lesson 3

Assign hotkeys to launch the historie and the templates pop-up

The standard hotkey to launch the historie of your recent clip board item is ALT+C.
I like to have Win+V to reach this pop-up.

So we go to the Option... and the Action-tab
and double click on "Menu            Alt + C"

In the hotkey field we enter 'Win+V' , i.e.
- select the 'Hot key:' field
- and press the Win-key and the V-key the same time:


Now we gonna add an new action our self.
Please click the [Add..]-button in the Action window:

- Choose for Action => Menu
- Choose for Call type => Ctrl + Ctrl
- click on [New content] to activate this item
- select 'Template' from the drop down

If you want you can even choose an sub folder

from your templates
for to see the items from this sub folder only as pop-up

Now we can access our pop-up by pressing the Ctrl-key twice

Now you could create different short cuts for different template-sub-folders.

Lesson 4

Build you own pop-up menu

- Options...
- _[Action]_
- double click on "Menu        Win+V"    (or "Menu  Alt+C" if you didn't followed Lesson 1)
- click once on [New content]
- choose "Pop-up Menu" at Content: field
- wrote "&Older ones" in the Title: field
- ( use "Icon Path" and "Icon Index" if you want to see an other icon )


- click once on [New content]
- choose "History()" at Content: field
- click on the UP-ARROW at the left bottom to move this new item up... till it's an sub menu of "&Older ones"
- choose 10-0 at the "Range of Indication:" field


- click on "&Older ones" to select this
- click on the UP-ARROW at the left bottom to move this item up... till it's under the first "History" item
- select the first "History" item
- choose 0-9 at the "Range of Indication:" field


- now you see only the last 9 clipboard items
- you can choose them by pressing a number from 1 till 9
- if you press "o" plus a number from 1 till 9 you can access the next nine items

Note that this settings are only set for the Win+V pop-up menu.

Now you can make a few other sub pop-ups for the clipboard items 19-27 (modify "Older ones"
to show 10-18 only instead of 10-0)
Be shure to use 9ner steps: 0-9, 10-18, 19-27, 28-36 to be able to access the items by a key from your keyboard.


Now you have your items such nice sorted
you can store more items by increase the amount
in the "Maximum numbers of item:" field  :D


There are more things you can add to your own pop-up window:
* use "Option", "Cancel" and "Exit" - to add this buttons to your pop-up window.
* use "Clipboard Watch" to add an kind off On/Off button.
* use "External Application" to add.... well you already guess, right ?  ;D

Lesson 5

Here you can build the look of your items in the pop-up.

In the half above you can set the size of the Picture preview and such things.


In the "Display format of menu:" you can build the look of your items in the pop-up.

Standard is &%1d. %t what means

&--->  the next char is an trigger%1d.--->   use numbers and start from '1' , then print an dot%t--->   show the fist few chars of the clip board item.
(adjustable with "Maximum width of menu". Be shure to set more then 50 here :)

&%1d. %t
&%1d. &%t
If you add an '&' char in front of %t you can access the item by his first char too.

&%1d. %t
&%d. %t
If you delete the number '1' bevor the 'd' the numbering of your item starts from '0'.
So your items can be numbered from '0' to '9'. You could access one more then with '1' to '9'.

&%A. %t
If you like you can use charaters as trigger instead of numbers.. so you have 26 possiblies.

Click on the big arrow to see all the possiblies.

Lesson 6

Adjust the Viewer window

- First, hmm, for "Toggle window" i don't know what should happen, i didn't  find it out :(

But i got an eMail from Robb Holmes who found it out:
"If "toggle" is checked, you can click on the tray icon to open the viewer, then click again to close it.
If "toggle" is not checked, clicking on the icon opens the viewer, but does not close it."
Thank you Robb  :Thmbsup:

- Second you can set how the (and which) "folders" should be expanded if you open the viewer.
- Then with "Display items...." you can set what kind of items should be shown in the viewer.
- And with "Default action...." you can decide what should happens if you double click an item.

Little Update for Lesson 4 since i was asked in other forums.

Since i miss often older clipboard item
i increased the number of item's that CLCL should store:

To handle this large amount of stored items
i set up my pop-up menu's.

I go to "Options | Action | Menu    Click on left...."

- Now i set first "History()" to 0-10

- Add an Pop-Up as sub menu and called it &A Next ten (11-20)
   |__ add and set an second History() to 11-20

- Add an Pop-Up as sub menu and called it &B Next ten (21-30)
   |__ add and set an third History() to 21-30

- Add an Pop-Up as sub menu and called it &C Next 25 (31-56)
   |__ add and set an fourt  History() to 31-56

- Add an Pop-Up as sub menu and called it &D Older (from 57th -)
   |__ add and set an fifth History() to 57-

My pop-up looks like this:

The first 10 items i can reach with the number keys 0,1,2... till 9.
The second 10 items i can reach by pressing the 'A'-key and then the 0,1,2... keys
The next by pressing the 'B'-key first...

Additional tip:
you can copy this "Menu    Click on left...." item,
see the [Copy]-button...
and give this new copy an other hotkey.
So i can reach this popup
from the tray icon by an left click
AND now by pressing the WIN-key and the 'V'-key the same time.

Post here in this thread only tips and tuts please.

Use >this other thread< for comments.



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