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Recycle Bin Configurator

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I just read the article about the python command line tool Autotrash (written by Ronan on Ghacks, here is the homepage of the script.) which as the name implies automatically deletes the trash based on criteria like remaining disk space, deletion date and regular expressions.

I tried to find a Windows program that would offer a similar functionality but could not find one. What I'm looking for is a program that would automatically deleted the trash based on rules that the user can define.

A rule could be set to delete all files in the recycle bin that have been there for more than a week, or delete all files if the disk space gets to low or delete files that are not of the type doc or text.

It would be great if the program could be scheduled in the Windows Task Manager so that it could be run on a regular basis.

Maybe such a program exists, if it does I would love to hear about it.

My memory is lousy lately but I could swear I saw something like that for Windows on one of the big download sites.  Maybe Softpedia or another. Thing is I do so many searches it all get muddled up.  But I know out there somewhere is a Windows auto-deletion tool for recycle bin.

You might also try the Windows7 Forum as that has pretty good traffic(on the sister Vista forum, as you can imagine, the stream is becoming a trickle.)


BinManager is shell context menu command for deleting old items from Windows recycle bin, as well as a scriptable component for managing the recycle bin. You can use either feature, or both.
--- End quote ---

Thanks Phil, Binmanager comes close to what I'm looking for except that it does not provide enough options (only delete by date). It runs fine on Windows 7 and Vista on the other hand.

I clicked "Delete items older than 3 days", but ALL files in the bin were deleted.

32-bits Vista.


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