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Capturing Vista Home Premium error message box text


Some versions of Windows let you send the text in error message boxes to the clipboard just by focussing the box and pressing Ctrl-C.  Earlier Windows versions were served by Thyante Software's CopyMessageBox, which you could set to make both a screenshot and extract the text. Last time I tried, CopyMessageBox didn't seem to extract text on Vista Home Premium, though it did keep screenshots.

Does anyone know a way to capture such text, please? HyperSnap can do it by TextSnap, but is there an easier way?  (Yes, I know, this is Windows).

screenshot captor does have a text capture mode, you could try -- not sure if it will work.
trigger a red box object capture (Ctrl Shift Prtscr), then move the cursor till the red box is the smallest box around the error text, and then click on the Gear icon in upper left of red box and look for Capture Text item in menu.

screenshot captor does have a text capture mode, you could trynu.
-mouser (February 23, 2010, 05:20 PM)
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My next idea was to ask you if SSC had an equivalent of TextSnap   :-[  Thanks, next time I see such a box, I'll try it.

The Bat!
Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.

It WORKS!  Thanks, mouser!   :D

:) glad to hear it..


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