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Screensaver On/Off/Auto

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Ah, tray icon(s) looking MUCH better now :)

But what does "enable" do? Will it disable the screensaver completely when unchecked?

 :) Yep!


I've been using NoSleep! for years without a problem.  Though the icons seem to be back to front.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:

I was looking for a screensaver automatic thingie that would launch the screensaver when I moved my mouse cursor to a corner of my screen.
I went looking and looking, didn't find a thing! Then came upon this thread, downloaded Skrommels RunScreenSaver?

The plan, see?, was to launch it from within FARR ... hahaha, I didn't know that FARR would launch the default screensaver with no added 'anything'!

So, thanks Skrommel for some excellent software!
And, thanks Mouser for FARR! haha, I didn't know I could just launch farr and type: SCREEN :)


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