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Screensaver On/Off/Auto

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Ok, the idea is it's an icon which sits in your <thing on the bottom right hand corner of your screen>. Click on it and a meu opens with the options On/Off/Auto. If you click On, your screensaver immediately starts; if you click off, your screensaver will never come on. If you select auto, the program does nothing and just lets the screensaver come on when you had set it to.

Carol Haynes:
Fun little freebie here that does most of what you want and more:

Thanks. I tried checking if one existed but I couldn't think of what to search for.

Fun little freebie here that does most of what you want and more:
-Carol Haynes (January 01, 2006, 06:47 PM)
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Nice find, thanks!

Carol Haynes:
Strange but my system is totally screwed and it doesn't work for me (even though I recommended it).

I used it until a couple of years ago but having installed the latest version from the website all it will let me do is set the default screensaver - non of the other functions seem to work. Anyone else having problems?

I get the impression something got messed up on my system when I reinstalled windows recently as I had some problems installing a particular driver (Logitech) and the tool they supplied to sort it out deleted a lot of unrelated registry entries.

Looks like my New Year's resolution is going to be to reinstall again from scratch!


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