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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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I only wish that firefox would improve upon their Bookmarks Manager or make an add-on that allowed for better link management. I find it hard to believe that when i do a text search for one of my links, it finds the link so i know it exists, but it doesn't show you what folder it's currently sitting in. :-\
-hairball (May 16, 2008, 12:15 PM)
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hi too hairball !
dont need to synch at the mo, but if i do.. :up:

I've struggled a bit with ff bookmarks, now I just use the FARR ff plugin & save the bookmarks with a word in there somewhere that'll make sense to me later, & dont bother segregrating it into folders - mind you, if you're saving a huge amount of stuff that probably doesnt help that much in terms of organisation...

[but FF sure dont help much in terms of organisation as you say]

I'm using a few things to improve bookmarks, i was using powermarks, but since its coming to the end of its life i thought id try and get it all back into ff itself. So

2 pane bookmarks, description says shows in sidebar in 2 pane style like opera, whatever it has 2 panes which is handy  ;)  (the home page is basically all in japanese, but it is easy to find at ff add ons site

Bookmark duplicate detector - as the name suggests

Bookmark sorting is the home page, tho the version i have is later than the one mentioned on this page right now, so if ya want it i'd get it at add-ons site

Last updated: 2007.04.11
Allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog. The bookmarks tree can be automatically opened and elements can be hidden.

Ohh and I use Foxmarks to synchronize and store my bookmarks, makes them available anywhere as well as just the synching

These give me most of what i wanted, and it also means things like keywords and comments will be kept.


hyperwords , turns everyword into hypertext
super dragandgo, you can drag and drop links, and text to make a search
NoScript , blockignscripts
Back to Top, for long pages, lets you go to top or down with one click
FEBE, backup firefox with extensions
ReminderFox, for todos, alarms, schedules. it can be shared between thunderbird and firefox
SmartPager, for incremental pages. alt+pagedown-up goes to next or previous page
Copy links, copies links in pages
download them all, download helper
Mediaplayerconnectivity, media player with additional settings per media type

1. It might be a overkill, but I just found a extension that mimic vim's behavior in firefox. While it seems intimidating at first glance,it's actually quite good at saving screen estate and minimizing hand movement. :-*

Only for the hardcore fans tho
It is quite well documented (commands are mainly in the "various" category of the documentation) and there is a wiki too

2. Another one I like is the secure login extension. The default password manager shipped with firefox always leave me unsatisfied. It feels somewhat awkward and insecure. The secure login extension prevents prefilling the form and can also temporally disable javascript to prevent cross-site scripting. Best of its feature, imho, is that it is much easier and snappy to use. It automatically highlight the form. You press Alt-N and it not only automatically fills it but also presses enter for you. If you have two accounts, it offers a box to select one and off you go. Very Handy!

Am not a heavy user but I can highly recommend;

Foxmarks - If you use Firefox on more than one computer, you'll want Foxmarks. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. You can also log in to to manage your bookmarks from any computer.

Adblock Plus - Ever been annoyed by all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page? Install Adblock Plus now and get rid of them.

Stop Autoplay - Disable the autoplay of the embedded music and movie. The users have 2 modes to choose:
1) Disable only the autostart of the embedded media. The users can press the play button of the controller to play it.
2) Block the media when loading a page. It will be replaced by a red frame. Press the red frame to load and then play it.
This extension can also convert the ie-only tag "bgsound" to "embed", and it can also block Flash media by a costumizable blacklist.

PDF Download - PDF Download relieves the pain experienced when encountering PDF files on the Web. Whenever you click on a PDF file, PDF Download lets you know before trying to open it, and then offers you choices such as downloading, opening, or converting it straight to HTML.

Download Helper - The easy way to download Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.
This works also for audio and picture galleries.

sorry...I didn't post the links pushed for time & it's my first time (but didn't mean to rhyme :-) but I will get it together. Hope that helps some people as Firefox truly rocks when you get it working to your needs.



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