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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Hey thanks to Betsy for bringing up firefox extensions.  With the release of Firefox 1.5 Final, I find myself more willing to explore Firefox once again.  Only problem is, we all know it takes at least 10 extensions to achieve the features of an Opera or Maxthon.  Ok, so be it, I'd like to ask everyone of their favorite or most useful/powerful extensions, in an effort to help people like myself become more familiar with what all Firefox can do without having to sift through all 1,000 available extensions.  Thanks for any input and let the fun begin.  Currently the only extensions I have loaded are Roboform Toolbar and Tabbrowser Preferences (but I'm fairly sure there is one or two better options out there for tab control).

I will post some of my most useful extensions later, for now let me just say I'm still looking for an easy extension to save my bookmarks online so I can access them from any PC, where-ever I am.

I tried to use one extension for that once but couldn't get it to work, so hints about these extensions (or easy services without extension) are greatly appreciated.

Please first remember that it might take some time until all extensions will be updated for 1.5 !!!

Here are a few suggestions:

- adblock / adblock plus
- flashblock
- image zoom
- translate

there is only one extension i would consider essential, and that is a TABBED browsing extension; not sure what the best one is currently.

Two new extensions that have improved my experience of FF are: Tab Preview (, which uses some new rendering techniques of FF 1.5 to give you a small preview of background tabs; and FoXpose uses similar technology to allow you to see all your tabs in one page (like the Mac's Expose feature, or Otaku Software's Topdesk for PC -


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