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New Program Released - Flipbook Printer - 11/20/05

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Flipbook Printer is a program that lets you make your own printed "Flipbooks" from avi movie files using business cards.

A gift from especially for the holidays, and especially for the young at heart.
Makes a great present - have the kids send a flipbook of them waving hello to the grandparents, or send your loved one a movie of you smiling or blowing them a kiss. It's the ultimate in low-tech movie making!

Nice! :D


Dear all,

i downloaded the programm and tried to import avi, mpg and mov films but none is loaded actually to the programm. What am i doing wrong.


"readme": "If everything else fails, read the manual"

- and I quote from this manual:
"Your movie should be very very short, just a couple of seconds"

So the first step is not to import, but to edit your .avi movie.

I tried a video with 3 seconds and 1020KB... that shouldnt be too much... ;)


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