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If somebody offers you swapping your PC for a mac cold turkey: would you do it?

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I now work on a hybrid linux/winXP machine (linux main OS, XP on VMware).
I have been offered to get a Mac Pro in exchange for my machine (long story, new people coming to our group are mac heads).

I think it could be a time investment, but if push comes to shove, I could run XP on parallels as I do now with XP on linux.

If you had the opportunity, would you take it?

Note: I'm happy with my current system, but mainly because I spend most on my time on winXP. When I have to do serious programming, I'll spend most on my time on linux, just because ruby runs a lot better there and there are better tools and command line on linux... but I'm tempted by Macs. I've never played around with one.

By 'group' do you mean where you work?

I've used Macs (& Lisas & Apple2s etc) in the dim and distant, but my answer would always be 'no' now.

If MS is the Evil Empire then Apple is the Most Evil Principality. More evil than MS but less influential. So, 1, I wouldn't want to support them.

2. I don't want to waste time learning stuff I will never use. Linux is quite enough of an extra for me. (Soon, I hope, it will be Windows that is the extra).

3. Apple has been consistently (well, reasonably consistently) successful with Steve Jobs and consistently unsuccessful without him. There will be a limit to how much longer he will drive Apple forward, and then what will happen?

4. There is far more software, free and commercial, of all types available for Windows and/or Linux than for the Mac.

With the Mac you get the OS, lifted from Next/Unix, and a limited set of very proprietary hardware. If the OS were freely available, I'd consider it as an alternative to Windows/Linux but I wouldn't tie myself into a limited set of hardware controlled by a ruthless exploiter of a monopoly.

@40hz: yes, this is at work. Which could be a problem since at home I wouldn't have a mac and synch'ing could be painful (it already is within the same OS).

@Dormouse: good points.

I don't like the provision about having to swap your machine... Why do you have to give it up? I suppose the answer is that it will be re-allocated to someone in a group that isn't Mac-biased? Anyway, given what can be done with Parallels and BootCamp, I'd go for it, if it will make life easier at work (and hey, you get to add knowledge of another OS to your repetoire).

Dormouse does make some good points though... However, given that (I think) you *could* triple boot OSX, Linux, and XP if you wished, for the most part I don't see a problem WRT hardware.

So, er, verbose way of saying I'd go for it!


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