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Website colour: crisp and bright OR dull and sludgy


Over Christmas I whipped up a small website for a local community hall. On my twin LCD displays the colours look crisp and bright, but on my mum's old CRT they look dull and sludgy (particularly in the top right hand corner).

Click to visit site
Now I am worried that the majority of people may be seeing the ugly version!

Please take a quick look for me and then vote above!


PS: anybody know the 'right' way to avoid colour discrepancies between systems. I have always assumed that my screen is giving me an accurate representation of what I have designed.

re ps: If you have adobe  photoshop, run adobe gamma from your control panel to setup your system. otherwise: read along at

afraid it looks dull (but I wouldnt go as far as sludgey) on CRT monitor all right
(voted for "dull &..")

it's very elegant.. but i would say it's a bit dark, especially for a page featuring a kitchen/house.  people tend to want BRIGHT kitchens, so maybe some brightening is in order.

I would go for "dull and dark"


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