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Programming Can Ruin Your Life: A Fantastic Blog Essay on the Mind of a Coder

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I get different results for the MBTI tests, everytime i take....
But the core is always the same *NT*
i remember when i first took it in high school (the full test), i was an INTP
Later it changed to ENTP then to ENTJ and now it says INTJ

Being a gemini one could explain those things i suppose. Also lately my social interactions have reduced to very little, so i guess the flip from E to I, but if i were to go out and be with my friends it would easily flip back to E.

Furthermore the %'s on the bottom give a better idea.
Introverted   Intuitive   Thinking   Judging
Strength of the preferences %
11   75   25   11

--- End quote ---

The 11% frequently switch between the options. But the core is called NT conceptualists (if memory serves)

Anyway the essay actually discusses the attributes of the NT type like you said, those who keep obsessing about the general principle, and trying to figure out things.

I am a programmer in that, i write programs and love doing it and do it frequently (on a small basis, no big projects with multiple people).

Like people have said in the forum programming is just a great outlet for this type of people,
* as the effort is minimal (learn a language and some concepts, easy and appealing to an NT type),
* the rewards are immediate (it works! YAAY! people are happy! YAAY!)
* consequences are easy to save, load, reload, & fix (basically no permanent bad thing, but can be worked out with effort) (in a trivial sense, not if you are responsible for a giant project!)

And as such if programming didn't exist, we would apply our minds elsewhere, (which we already do), like how we organize our stuff, the process of researching, other fields ...etc ...etc.


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