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Possible to trigger alias actions with a user-defined path?

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Is it true that FARR doesn't allow one to trigger an alias action with a path that points to something that does not exist? I want to be able to do this as I would like to use FARR for constructing a path for a resource that is to be created by an alias action. That is, I would like to search for a folder in FARR, select it with TAB and then type in a name for a new file that is to be constructed by an alias action in that path. Impossible, or?

The image below shows what I mean. The path "C:\Documents and Settings\Joe\Desktop\inhere\" appears after selecting a folder in FARR with TAB. The user then adds newfile.png to the path and +snag to send it to this alias for further processing. The result of this would be that a screen capture is performed with SnagIt and saved in a file named newfile.png that SnagIt creates. Is this possible?

can you paste a screenshot of your snag alias and i can advise further

The alias...

ok sorry i got confused, i thought it was going to be that you forgot to use a regular expression in your alias, but i realize now the problem is exactly as you said, because it's not finding a match it's not showing a result for you to trigger.

when you use a regular expression match, then what you type does not have to yield a result, but the way you are using the alias in +alias mode, it seems it does.

i agree fully that in this case it should show the results.. give me a few days and i'll add it in the next farr update.

as a quick fix for now you could probably get away with this: put in the regular expression pattern:
(.*) \+snag


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