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IDEA: Keyboard & Mouse cleaner

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A little utility to assist the user in cleaning the keyboard / mouse without turning off the PC.

So for keyboard cleaning the application would disable the keyboard (and I guess this is the tricky part: all special keys (multimedia keys, windows))... click with the mouse and keyboard is enabled again.

For mouse cleaning the application would disable the mouse (and all extra mouse buttons, like thumb or wheel button). Press a key and it's enabled again.

An application like this exists... But I'm too cheap to dish out $10 for such tool  :-[, and don't need a fancy GUI or cleaning instructions.

I found a freeware version years ago called Clean'm Up (no homepage), but it fails on the special keys... The Windows key would still work, even if the keyboard is disabled.

Carol Haynes:
You could always simply use the device manager and choose disable for which ever device you want to clean??

Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager

although I suspect it depends on the device your using (and drivers) if it allows the 'disable option'

I am using a MS keyboard and mouse and the option is greyed out.

I also have a Wacom graphics pad that has a wireless mouse and that can easily be disabled.

 :) Try this one! I don't own a multimedia keyboard, so please let me know if it catches all the keys.

ToddlerTrap - Disables mouse and keyboard input to stop toddlers messing up your PC, or to allow for cleaning.

Edit: Changed the name to ToddlerTrap, and added a few more keys.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


hi there skrommel,

this is just what i was looking for! although i have another use for it, i.e. to prevent my toddler from pressing the keys when he's watching any videos on the pc. previously i was running a plethora of tools, one to block the desktop (Child Proof), another to lock the mouse (Squeaky Clean) & yet another app just to block the Win keys (WinKeyKill)...

but now, u made it simple... thank you very much. ;-)

best regards,

results on my machine:
blocks start button and windows keys and normal keys.

global hotkeys are not blocked though (printscr, break, function keys that i use as global hotkeys)


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