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What's your preferred File Manager

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PS to above - J-Mac, you can install the monthly roll-up of TC UP features over previous installs.
-Darwin (January 16, 2008, 11:33 AM)
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Darwin - I can install monthly over previous installs of TC-UP only?  Or I can install over a "bare" TC only installation?  If you even know! If not I'll uninstall just to be safe. Also, do you know if it auto-reads the TC registry key? Or would I need to get something else?  (My original key from Chisler is on a floppy! At least 5 yrs old.)



PS - Sorry to be asking you all this, but the site doesn't appear to have a whole lot of info about TC-UP; looks like most there already know all about it from somewhere else.  TC forum maybe?

Sorry, J-Mac - I dont' seem able to communicate in "complete thoughts" today - just asks my victi er, students from this morning's lecture  :-[

TC UP installs into it's own directory, so you can have both it and TC installed separately (this is what I've done - I am in the minority in quite liking the vanilla version). OR you can specify a separate directory (can't remember quite how it worked when I installed, but I'm pretty sure that it defaulted to c:\program files\TC UP... All  you then need to do is to copy the licence key file into the TC UP directory and it will run licenced as well...

Thank you!

Other - Power Desk

Other - Power Desk
-cbsutton (January 17, 2008, 12:08 AM)
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I've probably already mentioned this here - but not including PowerDesk was a glaring oversight  :o and so I've corrected it...


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