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What's your preferred File Manager

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I have had total commander for years and it does the basics really well and fast.
I am a bit overwhelmed by the plugins and customisation options, in the sense that they are not friendly enough for me to know how to make a good smooth tool out of it. I use some but I find the fact that most add ons appear in "network locations" quite unsettling and confusing.

I tooked at the TC UP package and it shows what can be done, although I would only want maybe 1/3 of the components... I should spend more time figuring this out, but there is one thing that really irks me in TC and makes me use powerdesk regularly, and that is: sorting never applies to directories. Never has. WHY???  :o

Anyway, I have started trying a few others, although it seems to me none of them do the basics (browse, copy) as fast and efficiently as I can get them done in TC - I dont want to drag-and-drop files, reaching for the mouse is slow :S

never mind i found the option. phew.
Cant figure out how i missed it before so many times.  :-\

There is also this kind of special  file manager: SurF (freeware). I will strongly recommend to study the thorough "Documentation" page (I can add no links because of frames). I didn't find any download link at the author's page, except for a link to sourceforge, but I also found the file at SnapFilesPro

What's your preferred File Manager

I briefly looked through the documentation: looks interesting. Unusual interface (well, to me)...  Anybody actually tried it?

There is also this kind of special  file manager: SurF (freeware).
-Curt (December 19, 2007, 06:10 PM)
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Humpf.  Needs .NET Framework.


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