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What's your preferred File Manager

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"pro features" ?  :huh: ...... Q-Dir ?  :o  :-\  ......  :D LOL

>I found this Q-Dir that has all similar "xplorer2 pro" features<

>I found this Q-Dir that has all similar "xplorer2 pro" features<

-Curt (August 28, 2015, 05:10 PM)
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Has anyone tried Q-Dir performing multiple operations on large files?  It is updated so often I cannot keep up with the version numbers.  But I think the last time I tried this experiment was over 3 months ago.  Started copying a video file, over a GB, then do some other stuff while that was going on.  Totally got unstable on me.

MultiCommander is supposed to be truly multi-threaded. I have it installed but haven't done anything with it yet.  I have too many hotkey things that pop up Explorer windows.  :)

I use twin windows instead of default 4, seems to work fine.

Was using old xplorer2 pro 1x previously and unwilling to upgrade-imtrobin (August 27, 2015, 01:26 AM)
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Did you think of trying out the free version of XYplorer, XYplorerFree? Current release is 15.50.0200 (10-Aug-2015), so it's up to date.  Free vs. Pro feature comparison here.  It might have a substantially different feel from xplorer2, though.  Plus there's FreeCommander, which has a standard twin-pane look.


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