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What's your preferred File Manager

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It is strange that it defaults to something that looks like a Win95 app. But perhaps that is because it still supports every OS back to Win95 (and there is even a 16-bit version available for Win3.1). But it would be nice if it included a couple of styles that looked a bit more modern.

To me the functionality is more important though, and the standard orthogonal file manager interface with NC compatible keyboard shortcuts :-[.

Maybe try Altap Salamander too?

Altap Salamander
-Tuxman (November 10, 2014, 01:38 AM)
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Nice software but there seems to be an issue with unicode characters, cyrillic ones for instance.  Strange for a CZ software...

Ok.  I'll take a look.  :)-MilesAhead (November 09, 2014, 10:09 AM)
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While you are looking, keep in mind that everything you see can be changed if you don't like it...even the pull-down menus.
-Innuendo (November 09, 2014, 04:51 PM)
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If you don't mind...

If you are new to TC, at least I want to recommend this settings:

- - -

Menu / Menü
Extended Menus for Total Commander / Menüs mit allen Befehlen  <== take a look!  <== Deutsch

- - -

Font / Schrift
"Configuration > Options > Font"______ ==> [Change font]__ ==> 'Default' (instead of Bold)
"Konfigurieren > Einstellungen > Schrift" ==> [Schrift ändern] ==> Schriftschnitt: auf 'Standard' stellen (anstelle von Fett)

- - -

Brackets / klammern
"Configuration > Options > Display"_____ ==> [_] Show square brackets [] around directories
"Konfigurieren > Einstellungen > Anischt" ==> [_] Zeige eckige Klammern [] um Verzeichnisse

[Configuration] <== wincmd.ini

- - -

Shortcuts / Tastaturkürzel
"Configuration > Options > Misc."______ ==> Redefine hotkeys_____________ ==> choose "F2" and for Command: "cm_RenameOnly"
"Konfigurieren > Einstellungen > Diverses ==> Tastenkombination umdefinieren ==> wähle "F2" und als Befehl: "cm_RenameOnly" aus

[Shortcuts] <== wincmd.ini
;Enable 'F2'-key to start inline-rename mode, additional to origin 'Shift+F6'
;Enable 'Ctrl+F' to start find-files, additional to origin 'Alt+F7'     
;Use 'Ctrl+O' to launch DOS-Box in current path
;Disable 'Alt+F4' (Exit, close program), load Help instead
;Disable 'F8' (Delete), load Help instead
;'Alt+P' launch 'edit path box at the top'

- - -

Be more Portable
Set INI-parameter "UseIniInProgramDir" to "7" and use "%Commander_Path%" and relative paths everywhere.
More at the wiki

[Configuration] <== wincmd.ini
UseIniInProgramDir=7 ;7=use the wincmd.ini in the program folder / nimm die Wincmd.INI im TC-Programmordner

- - -

Selection / Auswahl
Move down on selection with Spacebar
Bei Auswahl mittels Leertaste eine Zeile tiefer gehen

[Configuration] <== wincmd.ini

- - -

What's your preferred File Manager

Maybe try Altap Salamander too?
-Tuxman (November 10, 2014, 01:38 AM)
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I am trialling it currently.  Is there a way to have a multi tabs display ?


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