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What's your preferred File Manager

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It's a German version that will not be freely upgradable-Curt (December 04, 2013, 05:01 PM)
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Not sure about the language (XY's language files are usually exchangeable...?), but interesting that my work is "freeware" now. Bah.  :huh: ;D

^glad you like Qdir - possibly it's not listed here because it uses Windows Explorer.

I used Directory Opus for few months, didn't like the way other properties of a single shortcut or file got slowed down (while closing).-hulkbuster (December 06, 2013, 06:01 AM)
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dont know what that's about - it's not a method I use to open properties (Alt+double-click) but I tried it and it works absolutely fine here (Win7 X64). Does that even have to do with Dopus? (I mean: did the problem go away after Dopus uninstall?)
-tomos (December 06, 2013, 06:31 AM)
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Yes the problem vanished after uninstalling Dopus, a 64 bit machine would perform quicker and faster in those Dept. For a 32 bit i'll stick with plain and simple Q-Dir, yeah it doesn't have those bells and whistles, but i prefer functionality, than those high end complicated and also functional Dopus. I'll will stick with Dopus if i had a 64 bit pc.

^ That might be something to do with your configuration.  32 bit and 64 bit on several machines, and I experience no degradation.

Just tried the Alt+double-click thing and I can confirm the delay hulkbuster gets - this happens across all my drives: HDD, SSD, Flash, and RAM - on a new Windows 8.1 Pro x64 install with very little in the way of programs.

An example:
Open a lister for K: (my RAM drive).
Alt+DC on a file and the Properties dialog opens immediately.
Close it and Alt+DC on another file/folder and there's almost a 10 second delay before the dialog opens.

Another example of Alt+DC seemingly impacting performance:
Open a lister for K:
Double-click on TEMP to enter the folder
Alt+DC on a file and the Properties dialog opens immediately.
Close it and return to the parent folder (K:) and then DC on TEMP again, there's a upwards of 5 seconds delay before it changes folder.  (There's no delay switching folders if Alt+DC isn't used.)

I for one use FAR Manager 3, i'm probably too used to the console "feel" (i've used Volcov Commander and Norton Commander back in the days).
I'm not very fond of "graphical interfaces" for file managers, that's the reason why i don't like Total Commander.

Since version 3 FAR Manager it is freeware (actually opensource so you can even modify it if you want to), it has a new LUA scripting support and quite a few good plugins/scripts.
I use it in combination with ConEmu which gives me the ability to run multiple sessions of FAR in the same window (with tabs to switch from one to the others). It also gives the posibility to show files in Thumbnails mode (similar to Total Commander). I for one don't use it too often, but it's nice to have the support :)

I also use a lot of portable apps with it for image viewing/editing, development and other stuff, most taken from

P.S. there is a 64bit version of FAR3 but i still use the 32bit version on Win8 x64 since i use at least 10 compoatibility plugins from FAR1 and FAR2 and they can't be loaded on the 64bit version.


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