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What's your preferred File Manager

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I'd tried UE and did see a similarity, but the feel of CE was a lot more snappy than UE  -Perry Mowbray (September 13, 2010, 06:18 AM)
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Yep, UE is sluggish ...
-Tuxman (September 13, 2010, 10:09 AM)
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An explanation from CE's forum, from the author of UltimateExplorer:

Marko [from CubicExplorer] uses my components in CE.  I mainly made UE [UltimateExplorer] to try to exercise as many options in my components as possible, hence its temperament.   There are dozens on features available to CE in the components but Marko has chosen to take the opposite spectrum and make CE as simple as possible.  The buggyness of UE is good from my point of view because it help find problems in the components that helps make CE more stable.

Jim's forum
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Stability versus overall speed here.

midnight commander here :)

I bought a lifetime XYPlorer license and used that for a couple of years there. That fell off a bit but ever since dual pane was introduced it's a mainstay (except at work where we can't use anything but Explorer).

I missed the release somehow, but on Sept. 12 FreeCommander was updated.  Looks like the main thing, other than bug fixes, is support for 64 bit context menu on Win64.  The app itself is still 32 bit.  But there's supposed to be a 64 bit release later this year:

edit: I'm just trying it now. Not bad.  By default, right click the mouse on Win64 you get 64 bit context menu.  Winkey right click to get 32 bit context menu.  The readme has .ini file tweaks.


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