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What's your preferred File Manager

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What exactly is it's use?  :)

QT AddressBar

Vista address bar clone for XP.-Quizo
--- End quote ---

In a directory, Vista is easier to navigate, than XP.
QT AddressBar imitates Vista, on XP.

that's all.

I recommend Minimalist breadcrumbs:

I was using QT AdressBar for quite time 'till it started to crash my Explorer. Even IE went crazy and I had to remove that.
No problems with Minimalist tool althougt.

- a fine way to mark post number 100, fenixproductions  :)

The drop-down navigation makes the Minimalist so much more useful.
Really good find!  :up:

clickable thumb:

What's your preferred File Manager

You are encouraged to donate pay $8 for this app.

The main reason I like QT TabBar is the function to click on taskbar and jump to a folder!  :D


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