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What's your preferred File Manager

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Actually this application is quite sophisticated. It has quite a list of hand features like temp folders, easy filtering, encryption etc. It definetely deserves a second look.

Well this is not my preferred file manager, but it is almost:

AC Browser Plus

This browser is basically free and has many of the coolest and helpful features aiding in file management.  Just for example, the three last used files in any folder are automatically highlighted; it has FTP integration, great multithreading of move and copy operations, fast image browsing, very nice breadcrumb navigation, editorial renaming is ingenious ( edit the file names in a folder like a text in texteditor), it is scriptable, ......   the cool tools,  there are soo many.
Furthermore, the program is stable  (the looks could be polished a bit, though).

So, why is this not my favorite?
AC Browser Plus has a unique windowing philosophy; it does not use the standard dual-pane approach; but instead you can open as many independent browser windows inside the main window as you want. Whoever likes this approach, should absolutely use this program; it is fantastic otherwise (I always thought one uses a filemanager to get rid of the multiple explorer windows ;) ).  For me, multiple windows quickly become a mess that is simply too annoying to navigate.  I sincerely hope a "standard" tabbed dual pane interface can be added to this program. It has great potential.
-Lutz_ (August 04, 2008, 05:58 PM)
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I have been using EF Commander ( since Norton Commander went off the market many years ago.  It also has two windows and stuff like directory comparison, ftp abilities, kill running processes, read/create zip files, read other zip like files (ie: rar), and change it's hotkeys.

Well, though I have lifetime licenses for Total Commander and XYPlorer, Directory Opus  - even with its high initial cost and upgrade costs - is my keeper for as long as I am using a Windows box. The longer I use it the more indispensable it becomes.


For all those who prefer windows explorer, I have just received this from Gizmo Richards.
"The lack of tabs in Windows Explorer is a real liability. Indeed, it's one of the main reasons why many users install an Explorer replacement such as XYPlorer and UltraExplorer.

However, not all users are comfortable straying from the standard Microsoft setup. For these folks there is some good news: It's quite possible to add tabs to Windows Explorer itself by using a free utility called QT TabBar. As a bonus, you'll not only get tabs but a few additional features, such as instant file viewing, thrown in as well.

I've been using QT TabBar on one of my PCs for a week now and have seen enough to be able to say that many PC users are going to view this as a great productivity tool. However, if you are already using an Explorer replacement like XYPlorer, then it's unlikely QT TabBar is for you."

There is more to the article, here is the link to  the Utility

-wales (October 16, 2007, 09:22 AM)
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Just discovered this thread - installed QT TabBar and it works for me! I particularly love the the Desktop tool to quickly jump to folders...  :Thmbsup:

Gizmo does it again!!  :D

Just discovered this thread - installed QT TabBar
-CleverCat (September 20, 2008, 02:16 AM)
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Did you try 'QTAddressBar' as well? If not, see if you like it .


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