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IrfanPaint - a painting plug-in for IrfanView

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IrfanPaint is a freeware plug-in that adds painting features to IrfanView. It is being developed by Matteo Italia (in collaboration with Irfan Skiljan). This plugin requires a modified IrfanView exe (that is included with the plugin) "since it must include a call to the dll of the plugin". I just renamed the original exe and extracted the zip-file and it works well so far, given the case that it is still in beta..

btw, to invoke the plug-in, load an image in IrfanView and press F12.


This is an absolutely essential plugin for all people who have been ordered by the courts to never install any of the 99,999 standalone paint programs.   ;D

Wow - I sense that this is a bigger deal than it appears at first flush. Giving painting capabilities to IrfanView will mean that many people truly do not need to install anything else. I haven't had IrfanView installed in a long time, but this is worth checking out - thanks for pointing it out to us, Lanux  :Thmbsup:

yes, this plugin is long overdue.. i'm glad i've found this and i'm happily tinkering with the features.

I think online webapps are good competition for simple image editing in most cases. I heard good things about for example.


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