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IDEA: "Days since" program

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I like this idea: it's a iGoogle widget that keeps track of number of the days since you have performed some task.  You enter the name of the task and it keeps Track of the time automatically.

I do not use iGoogle, and I don't want to start.  Why not create an Autohotkey equivalent?

Hopefully the program will not take up too much processing power and memory.

Thanks! -Spanky

fun idea, and perfect scope for a coding snack, let's see if someone jumps on it.  :up:

this would really be a nice tray utility -- i'm going to give people another week to write this and then i'll write it myself if no one steps up.

As I see it the interface could be really simple: Imagine a tray-based utility where user can configure as many "items" to list as they way.  when you right-click you see the list of items with the date listed for each one.  Click an item to update it's date to current date+time.

hm.. Im new here. what you guys mean by coding snack? Is it limited to some programming language? or I can use what ever language I want...

Thx  :Thmbsup:

A coding snack is just the way we describe small programs that could be written in a day or two, rather than big giant projects.

So basically this section of the forum is where people post ideas/requests, and anyone who likes to program is invited to try coding the ideas.. so.. go for it!  :Thmbsup:


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