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IDEA: Keyboard & Mouse cleaner

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 :) Try ToddlerTrap v1.1.

- 2006.12.21 - v1.1: Added option to move ToddlerTrap out of the way.


Disabling the multimedia keys is pretty simple to do.

It's usually a program running in the background. You just have to find the right one and kill it...then run it again when you want to turn them back on.

Every keyboard is different, so the name of the process and the location of the program's .exe file will be different too.

Best thing you can do is check your running processes and start googling the ones you don't know what they do till you find the one for the keyboard. Then search your hard drive for the file name so you know where it is when you want to turn it back on.

- 2006.12.21 - v1.1: Added option to move ToddlerTrap out of the way.
--- End quote ---

Now maybe I can watch what I want on the TV and let Blues Clues stuff run on the computer. Whew!

Maybe this should be moved out of "Unanswered/Rejected Requests" to DONE!

Hi Skrommel,

thanks for the nice tool!!  :Thmbsup:
It's really useful

Recently my antivirus has flagged this as a threat and automatically quarantines it whenever I try to run it or just randomly throughout the day. I know it's just a false positive (I was using it a week ago with no problems), but I don't think my AV has an option for exceptions. :down:

It seems as though I can run the AHK script just fine without it being quarantined, and in fact with AHK installed I can compile the script myself and run it without my AV removing the file. However, if I compile the script to an exe then it has the default AHK icon.

Skrommel, Is it possible for you to provide the icon and a quick tutorial on how to compile an AHK script with the icon?

Thanks in advance!


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