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IDEA: Keyboard & Mouse cleaner

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Thanks for the quick coding reply. :) Exactly the tool I was asking for.  :up:

I can report the same results like mouser. Mouse buttons disabled. Windows, Start and all keys disabled. Multimedia keys + Print/Break still working.

Clean'n'Go also fails on such keys, so I'm not sure if these special keys can be disabled. Guess I just have to be careful with some few keys (especially with standby)...

Thanks for the info. My keyboard can't be disabled (grayed out).

global hotkeys are not blocked though-mouser (September 26, 2005, 09:17 PM)
--- End quote ---

aye, same here... but i doesn't bother me since the programs launched don't get input focus...

best regards,

i believe i have code for the kids keyboard program that i have 25% finished that blocks ALL keys, i'll try to dig it up.

 :( Can't catch really low level keys, so we'll be waiting for your version, mouser.  But I've added a few more keys and changed the name to ToddlerTrap.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


Is there a way allow repositioning of window to somewhere other than the center?

It would be nice to be able to run a kids video, and not have them be able to interfere with it by using the keyboard.
The mouse is fairly easy just to put out of reach  :D.




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