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change cursor appearance

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there are some "cursor editors" that allow you to change cursor appearance, but I dont know how to make it work when the cursor is under a specific control

kalos, how about this, (in Win XP) Go to Control Panel, Mouse, Pointers tab.  Then in the lower "customize" list and find "Text Select" and highlight it.

Then click on "Browse..." near the bottom and find an alternate .cur file.  Perhaps "cross.cur" or one that fits what you are doing.  Try experimenting with a few of the ones there. 

If you don't find a cur file you like I could make you one.  (You could also check out my cursors I've made and posted at )

this is what I need thanks!

however, I didnt find a 'discreet' IBeam to replace it... an IBeam that wont hide much the underlying letter, maybe a dot? any idea?

EDIT: or another solution would be to make the IBeam always be between two characters (and not over any character)

kalos, try this "minimalist" horizontal beam for Text Select.  You'll need to save it somewhere on your comp first and then use Mouse, Pointer to browse for it.  (I had to zip it first, because its an ani file)

lemme know is this is helpful

this is very nice

is it possible to remove the black brackets, make the white animated one black and stop its animation?


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