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change cursor appearance

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it's still a bit rough on the edges but try this script and let me know..

• hides the I-Beam when over EmEditor's Edit control
• requires NoMousy to be in the same folder.
• needs Autohotkey to modify the script.

Hide-IBeam.exe (330.24 kB - downloaded 423 times.)
Hide-IBeam.ahk (1.41 kB - downloaded 403 times.)


there is a problem that I dont know where the cursor lays...

the best would be to change cursor appearance

i was planning to change but then i noticed that you can use the caret.. also if you move your mouse to the toolbar area, the cursor will re-appear..

The caret is a blinking I beam that allows you to know the current position of the keyboard on the screen.


ok, but it will be a waste of time to go to the toolbar in order to make the cursor appear

is it possible to replace IBeam with a "1/3 of the IBeam" vertical line, a dot, an underscore or something like these?

AHK only allows changing the current cursor into another cursor form, i'm not sure if another image/character can be used instead.. :-\

A_CursorThe type of mouse cursor currently being displayed. It will be one of the following words: AppStarting, Arrow, Cross, Help, IBeam, Icon, No, Size, SizeAll, SizeNESW, SizeNS, SizeNWSE, SizeWE, UpArrow, Wait, Unknown. The acronyms used with the size-type cursors are compass directions, e.g. NESW = NorthEast+SouthWest. The hand-shaped cursors (pointing and grabbing) are classfied as Unknown.
also, another similar request here in the AHK forums has not received much response suggesting a lack of options within AHK but i'd like to proved wrong, though.. :)

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