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Dialog extension with FlashFolder and FARR2

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yes you need to restart farr -- or just open options and close options.
i'll be adding a simpler way to tell farr to rescan alias files, like from the tray menu, etc.

Restarting farr and open options and close options does not seem to do the trick. Something else must be wrong, but I cannot figure it out. I placed the files in the FlashFolderFARR directory as in the image in the previous post and restart farr but the list of aliases still does not reflect these changes.

I have tried to rename the alias from fos to fso, changing the name of the .alias file to myaliases.alias, restarting as well as opening and closing options, changing the name of the folder from FlashFolderFARR to FlashFolder, taken away the DefaultSearchText-option... what else can I try? Reinstalling FARR?

sorry you must put your alias subdirectory inside one of the 2 aliases.  For normal users they should put it in the "AliasGroups\Installed\" directory.  For you, the author, you could put it in "AliasGroups\MyCustom\" so that you can edit it.

the reason for these two different alias directories is to distinguish alias files that should be updated on install or upgrade, and alias files that the user may customize and so should NOT be updated automatically.

Ok, that works so much better :)

I was wondering about the dosearch thing, is there any option that would make it list the favorites the way  that FARR does before one starts to type search terms?

thats a very good idea.. i will add that.


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