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IDEA: Virtual Flashlight

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as i was installing the program, i peeked into the temp folder & noticed that this file - fngkhlib.dll - is the one triggering the alert.. a cursory check at google shows that it has been flagged down as a potential "grayware".. so maybe kip or someone well-versed can give a better explanation..

I think it's due to the fact that its a hook dll, which could potentially send keyboard entries to a third party.  As a keyboard hook its probably been identified as such by name in the database as having the potential for misuse.  I've never had a problem with any other software, and most of my other stuff is tested and verified problem free at many sites including Softpedia, OATS etc.  None of my AV and Anti Spyware has a prob with it, McAfee, Counterspy etc.

kip has it exactly right, any legitimate program that uses a global "keyboard hook" to catch characters typed has a high chance of being flagged by antivirus programs, it's a bit annoying for developers who need keyboard hooking functionality in order to catch keys pressed by the user when in another window.

ps -- i think in this case kip you could just register global hotkeys instead of using a keyboard hook since your app only needs to watch for a couple of keys.

Took your advice and used global hotkeys mouser.  OK folks, hopefully you won't get any problems with this now, hook dll has been dropped. 

Same download link

works beautifully.. the resizing is perfect.

i think its still trying to load the dll even though its not installed or needed, as it complained to me on startup that it couldnt find the dll, even though it worked find without it.

another tiny suggestion: maybe put a hint somewhere in tray menu about the resizing hotkeys? just an idea since i find it really useful and it would be nice to have a reminder about them.


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